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    Gator #11 most visited???
    At I checked to see what the most visited sites (in english) were. In #1,#2,#3 spots are yahoo, msn, google. Then you have sites like amazon, ebay, and some other likely candidates.

    Then in the #11 spot, . So is it considered a visit everytime a GAIN ad is popped up? There is really nothing to offer anybody at except for the merchants wishing to wallow with these folks.
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    Alexa tracks using its Toolbar
    Someone dumb enough to use the Alexa Toolbar is dumb enough to download gator.

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    gator is useful to online shopper ?

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    Yes, each pop up would count as a visit. What HardwareGeeks said is also true. Not uncommon to see folks with multiple apps installed on their computer and I'd expect to see folks with Gator and Alexa toolbar both installed skewing the already skewed Alexa results.

    But if you look at other more legitimate sources for traffic measurement like Comscore or Nielsen Ratings, Gator is usually right up there in the top sites sometimes more than once since they have multiple server networks the run off of.

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    My understanding:

    Regular Gator popups probably do not count towards Alexa traffic, because these popups are delivered by Gator's Win32 software using files preloaded onto users' disks. Alexa would have no way to track these popups -- from Alexa's perspective, they don't look like web browsers, beause they're not web browsers.

    BUT, Gator's popunders (and perhaps some rare popups) are loaded into full IE windows. These pages would indeed count towards Gator's total at Alexa.

    So Alexa's high ranking of Gator probably nonetheless understates the true prevalence and size of Gator.

    If anyone needs absolute certainty here, it should be easy to run tests with a packet sniffer monitoring a computer that has both Gator and Alexa. I could do this if it matters...

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