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    Google following links
    What is the best way (excluding virtual directories) to have Google follow the most links possible. I see they have indexed the page but have not followed and indexed any links beyond that. I am using the store/templates with the search.default set to a blended mode listing of Alaska stuff. Or does this all just take some time. It would seem since google has looked at the, and indexed it, that google should have indexed some of the resulting pages also. Does anyone have any suggestions about this.

    I can see that other sites have indexed a lot of pages using the format without virtual directory.

    Thanks for your time..

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    I dont know how long it really takes but I can quote you an example of my recent and first site. BTW, its not site just a simple HTML.

    When I first uploaded my site it took google around 10 days to show mysite when I typed

    Then everything was quiet and no further visits from google bot at all for 2 weeks.

    In the meanwhile I did register my site to few free directories (I am not sure if this helped).

    After that google started visiting my index page regularly, not more than that, for another 2 weeks or so.

    Suddenly, approx. after 1 and a half month of uploading the site, google started to index rest of the site at the rate of 40 to 50 pages a day and consuming my Till now may have gone through 500-600 pages but still non of my pages show up when i type mysite name in the search bar other than the home page. I dont know how long more it will take to show all the indexed pages.

    I know it took much longer for google to start crawling through my pages than it must have taken to crawl the sites of other member here but as it was my first site site so I was not hopeing for a miracle overnight.

    Hope this will give you some idea how long google takes to crawl through the whole site.
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