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    Some merchants provide data feeds with very huge records. For example, overstock's feed contains 400,000 items and's data feed contains 1,000,000 items. I think a dedicated server with Dual Xeon and 1GB RAM is necessary, right? It costs $300/month, right?

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    Depends on what you wnat to do.

    I started with a celeron with 512Mb RAM and it built and refreshed several static sites with the overstock datafeed and several others.

    The thing that overloaded it was actually dynamic stuff like the cusimano scripts pulling in live amazon content.

    Bear in mind that most of that OVSTK feed is v low price media items, and I'm not sure have much of a reputation here for selling/paying for anything, so you have to be careful what you apply your processing to.

    I still have that celeron server with a whole bunch of sites on it, though my main workshorse is like your suggested spec. Mine is at ev1servers (was rackshack) and I think your budget figure is about right.

    Also bear in mind I thought I was technical but now pay someone else to do the system maintenance/updates etc. To much risk/time in doing it myself. Another $99/month/server.

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