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    Exclamation PPC Advertising Marketing and Click Fraud upon us
    Attn: PPC Advertisers

    I was really quite struck today reviewing the number of articles on Click Fraud, which has become a term last year vaguely known in the advertising community, to now this year in 2005 a widespread epidemic in mass proportions changing the landscape of PPC advertising. Last year Findwhat for example had my cost to advertising to revenue at around 45% which shifted by 30% in just 8 months. Why? Click Fraud! PPC clicks began to shift from U.S. to India, Russian Federation, Spain… not consumers but clicking institutions and click bots.

    You can do a search in Google on "click fraud" and find dozens of articles and press releases on what the Search Engines are not doing to improve the situation, and you'll see some that are finally getting a wake up call as it's affecting their revenues directly. Most PPC Search Engines are just posturing with fancy flowery language on the press about their robust tracking and how great the traffic really is.

    Article 1: Mice Clicking:

    Article 2: Google Rings the alert bell on Click Fraud:

    Steps to protect yourself from Click Fraud:

    Step 1. Don't use IIS logs, Unix Logs, they serve for other purposes not for Click Fraud. Unless you have id strings in your campaigns in which case you may be able to prove these bogus clicks..

    Step 2. Sign up for free at ClickDefense. They can track a few clicks to millions of clicks a month on all your campaigns. You'll need these reports in their xls file to prove you really had malicious clicks, or bot clicks.

    Step 2.1 You should use Gotoast or AtlasOnePoint to manage the landscape of your bids. Don’t be foolish and use the engines ppc managers or auto bidders. Having just one of these in place, provided it is setup correctly will save you a lot of money on wasted high ranked clicks or bid jammed clicks.

    Step 3. Be Smart - Don't just assume Google, Overture,,, etc., are going to give you a credit based on your word alone just because your conversions were horrible that one week. It just wont work. You need to provide justifiable evidence on their affiliates committing the act.

    Step 4. Have an expert webmaster double check these logs to look for any missing data.

    If you are willing to do it yourself look for the following in your logs:

    IP address
    User session information
    User cookie information
    The network to which an IP belongs
    The user's browser information
    The search term requested by the user
    The time of the click
    The rank of the advertiser's listing
    The bid of the advertiser's listing
    The time of the search
    The time of the click


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    Yeah I read those articles too. Click Fraud is a very very sad thing. just watch out and all stick together and fight click fraud

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