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    My memory is like swiss cheese sometimes, will html cause problems in mysql string field? I'm working on the drivewerks feed and noticed a bunch of descriptions with tables in them that list specs of some items. Just when I thought I finally had it the way I wanted!

    If so.. I assume I can use in php to strip that stuff out? either completely or just tags? Or would I use some mysql function to do the stripping?

    I need to go into the php manual and start memorizing all the functions or something :P I went to bed last night mulling over how I would like to pass urls from the datafeed into a redirect script.. and woke up as if my brain did't stop thinking about how to structure this particular feed.

    No automation for me yet unless the feed is a friendly one I guess *sigh*.

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    You can load HTML into MySQL as long as you strip out/escape the commas and quotes etc. But it sounds like you are not too confident yet with PHP/MySQL to do this so the easiest way for you is to do a search and replace in the actual feed before it gets to the database.

    If the Datafeed is in CSV format, simply open it in Excel and do a find and replace for the tags:

    Find <table> and Replace with a blank space. Do it with all the tags you want to replace.

    Or another way, load the lot into MySQL, run a ditty which just deletes all entries with the tags in. I wouldnt bother trying to memorise all the PHP functions, been using PHP for a few years now and still visit the function list regulary!
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    any mysql or php functions you can recommend to do the stripping or escaping during import?

    I don't have excel, I've never bought a pre-assembled computer that came with software. I use some alternative spreadsheet from 602pc suite that has a free download.. but manual search and replace sounds like too much to do considering how many fields there are and how each description may have a different set of tags. table, font, list tags etc.. and stripping them out might just give a strange description where stuff that are supposed to be listed end up inline with no formatting.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Speedy:
    You can load HTML into MySQL as long as you strip out/escape the commas and quotes etc. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    You don't need to strip anything.

    Use php command addslashes($var) and the data will be safe to insert.

    Use stripslashes($var) to go the other way.

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    see.. that's what I mean about needing to really go over the available php functions in the manual.

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