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    Merchant fraud, affiliate fraud, or just fraud?
    I posted a while back about a reversed commission with Final Smoke. The reversal came about 2 weeks after the sale was posted. I looked at their stats and the program was still listed as "new" and there were no reversals. The difference between 60 days and 7 days looked ok, so...

    The commission I had reversed was for $90+, so yes I wanted to know what happened. So I emailed the merchant to get more information on the reversal. He replied with an email that made little sense to me and made me suspicious. His email said and I quote his exact words:

    "Order xxxxxx was originally for $xxxxx and the customer complained
    that they did not order that much product."

    HUH? What does that mean? The customer ordered products himself but he was charged too much for it? That's how I took that comment.

    Then he went on about affiliates buying a lot of products with the customers' credit cards to collect high commissions and he would get calls from "customers" when they got their credit card statements.

    HUH? So I emailed him again. I asked if the charge was fixed to the correct amount, would the correct commission be re-added to my account? Since he did buy products but was charged too much for it, all Final Smoke had to do was fixed the amount. That's what it sounded like to me anyway.

    Also, if an affiliate placed a fraud order, it's obvious to me that they would know they wouldn't keep the commission because "customers" would complain and have the sale reversed. Since I didn't make that purchase myself... this didn't apply to my situation. So what really happened?

    Also how can anyone know if affiliates placed the order themselves with someone else's credit card? I've had fraud orders in another program before, but it wasn't from affiliates.

    In my 5+ years online, I just recently had my first "fraud case", and that happened when I got into the supplements and natural products business. In those other cases, my commissions were taken back within hours, not 2 weeks. I thought maybe the Final Smoke customer didn't like the product and had returned it, I didn't think it was fraud.

    I never heard back from Final Smoke after my last email pressing for more answers.

    Now I see that this merchant is offline. *sigh*

    Has anyone had any dealings with them at all, and if so, was it positive or negative? Were your orders reversed or were you lucky enough to keep your commissions? Maybe I'm just getting paranoid or over-suspicious, but I see nothing wrong with wanting to know where my money went especially when the first answer makes no sense.



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    If he understood the question then that answer is totally ridiculous.

    I imagine most merchants take a pro-active approach. I recently had to kill a commission because it was a duplicate. I emailed the affiliate, explained that if they looked at the order number, they would see that they had been credited twice for the exact same sale. I also explained that I had checked our back end and found that the customer had only ordered from us once and that the exact amount of the sale was made only once on that particular day (which they did receive a commission for).

    The affiliate emailed me back saying it's not the first time that has happened with and that he totally understood... end of story.


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