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    Do the search engines still ignore iframe data?
    Maybe the correct question is...can/do the spiders read data within an iframe?


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    Yeah, they can read inside of an iframe, at least I know for sure Google can, I would think the other can as well. Google will not treat it as data of the page that's it's inserted in though (as far as I can tell), they will index that iframe page as it's own page.

    I learned that last part when I found a page in Google that I had setup as a Google Adsense alternate for when ads wouldn't show. Google ads use an iframe, for those who dont use them.

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    Google can, but dont put your whole navigation in it, I personally don't trust the iFrame ,I believe it can hurt you a little bit, in the Google rankings. Why? Personal Experiance.

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    Hang on a minute. The real answer is no. Spiders don't consider the content of an iframe to be part of the page that it appears on. Rule of thumb: view source of your pages on the web - what you see there is what the SE spiders consider to be part of that page.

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