Once again, I see that merchants with a seasonal Valentines focus are going "Temporarily Offline" during the peak of their season. The same happened with the Christmas merchants during the peak of the Christmas season and the Halloween Merchants during the peak of the Halloween season.

I agree, this is largely the merchant's fault. They failed to plan ahead for all of their expenses during the peak of their season. However, it also seems to be part of a systemic problem at SAS. SAS needs to provide seasonal merchants the financial tools and guidance to help them deal with the seasonal fluctuations in sales.

The problem faced by Seasonal merchants is that all of their expenses schrunch up right before the season. Their money comes in at the end of the season. Seasonal merchants have to worry about overextending their credit during this period.

Autopay is not the right tool for handling seasonal spikes. There needs to be a different financial tool and or guidance to keep these merchants on line.

Until then we will continue to see affiliates and merchants lose big money as the Easter merchants go down in the height of the Easter season, the Mother Day mechants go down as billions get thrown at moms, etc..

PS: Seasonal merchants are a big risk...they seem more likely to bait and switch or simply cut and run than other merchants. Regardless, they need to be handled differently.