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    Question What if?

    Hello all,

    I've been working at the affiliate game for some time and only recently started to actually see real results from my efforts. It is hard work and you have to be persistent and diligent and of course do the right things to draw eyes to your site so in turn you can send those eyes to a sale.

    This forum and others like it are a great way to glean the information you need to accomplish your goals in the affiliate business and I have learned a lot. It can be maddening at times and you have to stay on your game, but the rewards can be just as exhilarating.

    From what I have read I know that it would be near impossible to create an organization of affiliates that would give us as a group, representation to the companies we serve. It seems that this business is not built on trust but on numbers. Those numbers in turn represent money, a lot of money. When money enters the equation, rules are sometimes only considered to be guidelines that can be updated at a moments notice to augment your number and in turn money.

    One hard lesson I’ve learned is that when you play someone else’s game you play by their rules. No matter how much you dislike those rules or how it affects your pocket they have the upper hand and will continue to hold that position no matter what.

    Some questions:

    Money Owed

    If we as affiliates follow the procedure required by each company and in turn generate leads that turn into sales. Then that information is recorded and we have the document trail showing that we have fulfilled our part of the contract. Do we not have a legal right to the money owed us and would that not be actionable in court?

    Could we not also file a lien against the companies that have skipped on paying their affiliates and possibly even sell that debt to a collection company to collect partial payment?

    If companies like Linkshare will not or can not truly represent our interests when dealing with bad companies why can’t we do it ourselves? What is to stop us from forming a relationship with credit reporting companies and listing the bad debts with them?


    I have read volumes about this problem and I know that I am also a victim of this blight. But it is something that generates something that all companies want CASH. I know the nuances of the game and being on this side of the equation I hate that someone can ride my back and in the process steal from me. I saw the posts where someone had written a “form letter” describing the problem with parasites that we could use to contact our affiliate managers. What if we could make it easier for all of us to contact companies that deal with parasites? Possibly something along the lines of a petition that we could send to companies. Or maybe an online form (maybe setup here at ABW) that allows us to auto send a pertinent letter to affiliate managers. I know that some of the companies will pretty much ignore anything that does not help their bottom line but maybe if enough of us contact them in numbers a whisper could become a voice?

    Because of the nature of the affiliate business it seems that we cannot always share everything we know because even though we have common goals, we need to protect our own interest. There’s the rub, how can we organize as a group and still retain our autonomy. There has to be a way.


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    Hi & Welcome to ABW ZZ.

    One of the best 1st posts I have seen till now.

    IMO, excellent suggestions. Lets hear from other members and see if these suggestions can be practically implemented.
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    Hi zen. It is great to have you at ABW.
    I would love to see affiliates unite in some way to fight for what is rightfully ours.
    One of our top members here was recently quoted in Revenue magazine as saying something to the effect of "The reason parasites will continue to succeed is the inability of individual affiliate publishers to come together as one and fight it."
    This statement rings true. If we were able to form some kind of organization, we could use our power (numbers) to fight for our rights.
    Short of finding a reputable lawyer to take on the case and organize a class action, I really don't see how this can be done.
    If it ever comes to pass, count me in.

    That was indeed a GREAT first post
    Best of luck to you and again, welcome.

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