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    New Orleans Visit
    Hi Gang,

    My husband and I will be visiting New Orleans in Mid-Feb. Any suggestions on inexpensive hotels and places to do during the day, while he's at a convention?

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    Oh you are SO lucky! One of my favorite vacations was in New Orleans. We stayed in a garret room in an old building in the French Quarter which was a timeshare exchange so I can't recommend a hotel. Didn't need a rental car as public transportation was terrific.

    One really good tip I can give you is that some of the best restaurants in N.O., which are expensive and not easy to get into for dinner, are very easy to get into for lunch and are much more reasonably priced at that time of day.

    N.O. has a great zoo. If you get a day when it's not raining, go have a look. Took the trolley uptown and the riverboat downtown. Also a walking tour of the Garden District is a blast, and you can stop in at Commander's Palace for lunch. I was wearing jeans and they didn't mind at all. It was funny sitting there alongside the "ladies that lunch" and the two-martini business crowd.

    If you're there on a Sunday you have to go to the...ummm...I *think* it's "Fairmont" Hotel for brunch. The food is beyond belief and they have a string quartet playing classical music. (Bananas Foster *and* Cherries Jubilee! OMG!)

    Breakfast at Cafe du Monde on beignets and chicory coffee and grab a muffaletta or poboy at any restaurant for lunch. I don't think it's possible to get a bad meal in N.O. Also recommended...prawns...whenever and however you can get your hands on them.

    Go easy on the Hurricanes. They taste soooo good and you think they're pretty harmless...and then the hammer drops!

    Even if you're not the nightlife type you should check out the clubs with live music. You don't need headliners either because the house bands are pretty spectacular.

    Hit the antiques stores, too. They're outside the Quarter, but I do remember that the trolley to the Garden District goes right past them.

    Now, I was there almost 20 years ago so my memory may not jibe with the current situation, but it is a fun town and it's beautiful to look at, too.

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    First, congrats on your vacation, NO is a great place to visit

    I would suggest the riverwalk and the french quarter. There is so much to do there that it can take up your entire vacation.

    My suggestions:

    River boat cruise - you can take the water cruise only or you can take one of it and battlegrounds. It will give you a tour of how things are brought into our country from the gulf. Nice little history tour.

    Aquarium - see a white alligator, some tropical animals etc. Nice little walk, it is at the riverwalk.

    Riverwalk - tons and tons of shopping, you can have your picture taken in a 1900's picture (my family just did this a few months ago), lots of restaurants, cajun shops to visit etc. (i would suggest the french quarter's french market for the collectibles to take home).

    French Quarter - kind of like a big yard sale you will find cajun collectibles, gator heads, NO magnets etc. for taking home.

    Cafe Dumonde - famous bagnet (small fried doughnut with powder sugar) restaurant, it's our specialty It's in the French Quarter by the French Market.

    Ripley's Belive It Or Not - need I say more? Fun weird stuff (not very good for little kids) shows odd things from the past, we got a free Ripley's mardi gras necklace when we went. On same street as French Market.

    Hard Rock Cafe - always fun no matter what state you to go. On same street as french market.

    Haunted tours - we are famous for the dead and vampires. Look for brochures at the help desk of your hotel. Or look for haunted tours online for New Orleans.

    Restaurant to visit - Coplands Cheesecake Bistro, you need a cheesecake. You can find them online for directions or ask your hotel.

    Not too sure on hotels, the city of Kenner or Metarie might have lower prices and they are only about 10 minutes further out than New Orleans. Just don't get lost, we do have bad areas in New Orleans, be sure to bring a map

    I hope I was able to help you with your vacation ideas. Enjoy!

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    OH, I love NO...Cafe du monde a must! Aquarium and IMAX is nice...French Quarter is so great to just walk. If you love books or Anne Rice, visit her store. I think it is in the Garden District near her home, it is cool.
    I also recommend a bus tour with the cemetaries...they are really neat as the crypts and stuff are almost a must because of their high water table. They are very nice, but a tad bit creepy.
    Louis Armstrong park was nice to visit as well, near the FQ.

    I am soooo jealous, have a great time!

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    Lots of B&B's in and around the French Quarter and they can be had at a better rate than some of the major chain hotels. Though full of charm and history, they don't necessarily have the ammenities, so it depends upon your taste.

    The zoo here is really nice. You can actually get tickets down at the river in the French Quarter for the zoo/riverboat. Riverboat takes you down to the zoo and back.

    Antique stores are on Magazine St which is uptown via the street car. Have to walk a couple of streets over from St. Charles.

    As far as food'll have more choices than you have time for. A must is brunch at Court of Two Sisters in the French Quarter. Bring your appetite and give yourself plenty of time to really sit back and enjoy. The best bread pudding in the City will be found at Bon Ton Cafe (Magazine St). The best burger to be had is a Port of Call. Pascal's Manale (Napolean St) is the creator and home of barbque shrimp (prawn = shrimp...sort of). Mothers (on Poydras St) is a no frills diner at reasonable prices that has a wide range of local food (soul to creole). Cafe Maspero (the one on Decatur..there are 2 Maspero's in the Quarter) for anything from red beans to Muffaletta to poboys to seafood. Crawfish season is just starting, so if you want to try those you should be able to get them almost anywhere. If you want a bit of Cajun music and dancing with your seafood there is Michaul's and Mulate's. And of course Cafe Du Monde (don't do beignets anywhere else, but do be sure to do beignets).

    The French Quarter is in no short supply of live music, no matter what your taste. If you decide on the Hurricane, the only place to do that is at Pat O'Briens. The piano bar is a must as well as visiting the outdoor patio (esp at night) for the flaming fountain. More popular than a Hurricane with locals is their Rainbow (but called a Pete's Special by the locals). You should take care with that drink also.

    Most of all....just have fun!

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    The Lafitte Guest House is a wonderful place to stay. Stayed their on our first night when we moved down there.

    If you book a cheaper room, go into the quarter and go up to the various hotels and ask for same day rate. If they can't book rooms, they will often give expensive rooms for $50 or so. I put my parents up in a $300 a night hotel room for $50 a night doing this.

    But things have changed since I have lived there, so past that, no idea. Stinking casino.


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