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    I've managed to import a db into a php/sql program I use and all is well...except I don't know how to encode my affiliate url in the db? I'm assuming they have to be turned into links-- I'm using excel to edit the db but I have Access also. Any clues for a newbie??

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    I'm not well up in this but I do know some merchants it is a straightforward call for a buyurl or producturl field or something like that with other merchants you have to build the url
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    Some db's have full URL's for images & buy URLs but for some you have to create your own from data provided. Usually it's a matter of getting one of the merchant's pre-made links, a banner for example & using that as the template for your link.

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    Thanks. That's what I was thinking also. I am trying out the db and the url is not formatted. I guess I need to read up on how to wrap text in cells. I can't figure out how to wrap the url's with the link code...did that make sense?....actually I think I just got a clue about it...
    Thanks all! I fingered it out. Now that's what computers are for!!

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