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    Question Double exposure photos--Help!

    Just arrived back from an incredible internet workshop. I took my husbands digital camera and left all the settings as he had left them.

    I didn't realize that one of the settings was between nomal pictures and the video setting. All of the photos came out over exposed and they look like double exposures (you knows all ghostly and out of focus.

    There are a few that I really want and one that I truely treasure.

    Does anyone know of a program or service that can help me fix these up?

    I will never get the chance again to have my photo taken with 4 of my internet marketing "idols" in 1 photo.


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    I don't think it is possible - sorrrry....
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    Contact the digital camera tech support people. They might be able to refer you to someone that can "retouch" or make them look a little more focused.

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