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    Does anyone have experience with this program? My host does not allow local file uploads so I have to explore other ways to upload my datafeeds.

    Feedback on this program or comparables are much appreciated!

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    Why not just FTP your datafeed to your server then either write a PHP program to import it into mysql or run mySQL from the prompt?

    You can also try phpMyAdmin which should be installed on your web server.

    - Scott
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    what you need is a new host!
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    It appears to be a new security "feature" in the latest and greatest version of MySql, so it is happening on LOTS of hosts. My host and I spent several hours trying to get it to work again and it ain't a happenin' thing. So until MySql decides to share how to enable the function again, many of us are looking for alternatives.
    Deborah Carney

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    After a recent update of my server to the latest versions of all the software (latest as of January, when the upgrade was done) I was suddenly able to upload things to MySQL on my server. This hadn't worked before, and I, too, traced it to that infernal MySQL security thing.

    So I would say to get a setup where you have the latest version of phpMyAdmin and MySQL.

    (Now I'm fully able to play with that on the server side, so I may finally be able to achieve my goals of Totally Automated Updates and true Zero Work affiliate marketing!)
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