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    Tech4Free Real or is it Scam?
    Hi all,

    a friend gave me a link to
    i am sirously wondering if this could be real?

    maybe its some kind of system to collect email adresses and passwords this would amaze me.

    let me know what you guys think of it.

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    "refer x number of friends"

    without wasting my time surfing their pages, I think the friends will have to jump through a lot of hoops before anyone gets anything of real value. Like the free IPod junk of late. or the restaurant gift ctf deals.

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    When i got my first computer and got onto the internet the first time i always wondered how sites make money. I looked at those free greeting card sites and wondered how they can do this for free. Basically there are certain types of sites that offer free stuff or offer an oppurtunity to win something, where the real purpose is just to collect email addresses to use or later sell. So when you add your email address or send these great offers to your friends, you basically just added yourself and your buddies to a bunch of SPAM lists. I have a hotmail account that gets 0 SPAM. It's just for friends and family and i told them never to send me any kind of "free greeting card", don't sign me up for anything, never give it out to anybody no matter what.

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    Oke thanks leader, just what I thought, now telling my (stupid) friends. Is there a possibilty I can report this site anywhere because of fraud?

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    Is it fraud? Well, it's a tough one. There are a lot of testimonials that you *can* get free iPods and stuff but..

    ..understand that these things are run at a profit. A reasonable person would not just give away stuff like this if they weren't getting something in return. A typical way to do this is to get people to visit sites, bid on auctions and recruit more members, but it may also include selling on your personal details, installing parasiteware and other things.

    But "fraud" is a different thing altogether. You're not paying money to them.. you may neber qualify for the good though, but that's a different thing. Really these things are a little like gambling - you may well come out of it very well, but ultimately the house always wins. However, I can't see any evidence that this site is *fraudulent* in any way.

    There's an article at Wired which is OK.

    Ultimately though, the people giving away the goods have to somehow extract the value from you and your friends. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

    Anyone remember Nitroclicks? I think it's broadly the same setup.
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