This doesn't come up too often so I thought I'd start a discussion about programming for affiliate income. I know not many of us have the resources or revenue to build some crazy features, but I'd like to hear about your dream features. If you had an unlimited programming budget and a good programmer, what would you wish for?

I'd love to have an effective price comparison guide that has an administration section that outlines all the possible product matches and allows me to log in and disassociate any bad matches and reaffirm any positive matches. I'd like a review system that allows visitors to register and review these products. The reviews can be scored by other visitors and prizes are offered to individuals who have the highest score for their reviews. I'd like a search engine that not only orders results by relevency, but by popularity. I want popularity to be based on various criteria such as impressions and clicks to the merchant. I'd also like to have products scored by popularity within a category, so if something gets a lot of clicks in one category but not another, it'll have a better contextual score for the more relevant category.

Let's hear your ideas, sky's the limit!! What's your dream website?

- Scott