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    Where are my index and navigation pages?
    Everything else was created fine, but where are the index, and the category and subcategory main navigation pages? (4-Tier Site using Frank's Tutorial)

    Thanks in advance

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    Files are generated in the folder you specified at the top of the Index Pages and Detail Pages tabs.

    In addition to Frank's excellent tutorial, a breif review of those sections of the Help pages provided may be helpful.
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    Files are generated in the folder you specified at the top of the Index Pages and Detail Pages tabs.

    Tazzzam--Another thing you may want to make sure of is that you didn't call all those pages the same thing ("index.html" or whatever), or they'll have overwritten each other as they were generated, leaving you with just the last index page made. This can't happen if you only make one run of WM for a site, but it's quite easy to do if you make your site in multiple "passes."

    Not that *I've* ever done something like *that* oh, no (fake innocent look)...
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