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    Question Mothers Work Tracking on L/S
    Has anyone changed their MotherWorks (iMaternity, PeainaPod, Mimi, etc) links over from CJ to Linkshare?

    And, if so, have you had any sales.

    My activity report is showing 100's of clicks and 0 sales. Which is Extremely unusual -- they were normally a good performer on CJ.

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    My activity report is showing 100's of clicks and 0 sales.
    I think the biggest advantage of moving to a network that doesn't report EPC is that there no longer is that driving force to attach sales to the inbound clicks.

    Think of all the money the stock holders in the company can save by not having to pay those commssion thingies that invariably happen when you attach clicks to sales.

    As for your specific question. Well it must be something wrong with your traffic. LS doesn't show system wide EPC or give any metrics that let's us know if a particular affiliate program is a scam or not.

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    I haven't moved them yet. But I'm not getting much activity via CJ either.

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    My question to CJ:
    "Is leaving Commission Junction? If so, when? When should I replace my CJ links?"

    was answered with this:
    " is not leaving the CJ network until April 6, 2005."

    so, I will keep them until April 5.

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    The only reason I went ahead and replaced them is because like Herb, their performance for me had dropped considerably on CJ.

    They have been known to "accidently" mess up their tracking when updating their site, so I thought they may be having some problems at CJ and didn't want to go thru a month of working with CJ's AAQ trying to pinpoint their problems (been there, done that) since they were leaving CJ.

    I thought (stupidly) by switching their links things would return to normal.

    Obviously LinkShare is Not monitoring their tracking. And, MothersWork people Do Not answer affiliate emails, ever.

    I would replace them in a heartbeat if I could find several good Indy Maternity programs.

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    Okay, this is really odd as I have been emailing with the Linkshare person for imaternity and she told me that they wouldn't be active in Commission Junction after Feb 6th which is definitely not the truth now.

    I am having MAJOR issues with Linkshare and their tracking. For the month of January I had 172 sales through CJ and for the first two weeks in Feb, Linkshare is showing only 1 sale. My SE rankings are as good as ever and I have a highly trafficked very targetted site for pregnancy so that would not be the reason for such a horrendous drop. I have also placed an order through my affiliate links, which has shipped and it is still not showing up on the reports.

    I am waiting to hear back from the Linkshare person and my latest questions. If they are not going to be fixing this apparent problem I will be doing one of two things - putting all the links back to CJ until they die out or removing them all together and forwarding everyone to Ebay on CJ (that $20 a sign up has been my saving grace in this apparent Linkshare mess up!)

    LOL thanks for letting me vent!


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    LinkShare and Mothers Work are very concerned with ensuring accuracy in our reporting and tracking technologies. Please feel free to write to us directly with examples and data, and we will respond to your concerns promptly. The email address is

    Mothers Work is very excited about our new partnership with Linkshare. We changed so we could better meet the affiliates needs.


    John Smithman

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