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    I've seen a lot of posts where people say they get bookmarks. Some say they get "a lot" of bookmarks. And some even give specific numbers!

    The question is: HOW can a webmaster tell, reliably, if a site has been bookmarked?

    Some browsers ask for favicon.ico even if the user hasn't bookmarked the site, and this phenomenon even seems to be on the rise, so I can't just count up the requests for that.

    Sometimes the raw logs will show no referrer, but it seems that the information just isn't getting through sometimes, due to the same SE Effect as above. Or to put it differently, "awfully coincidental" that those hits also rise and fall with SE ranks.

    Stats programs seem to magnify the above effect, and sometimes by a huge margin.

    So--does anyone know exactly how to get a RELIABLE estimate of the amount of bookmarks/return traffic?
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    2,942 gives an "estimate" of the percentage of visitors that "added your site to their favorites" . I don't know how accurate it is however.
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    for my best sites i use IndexTools to track everything. It has a section that shows page downloads. In that section it will show me how many times someone clicked on my bookmark link. So... i use that as a low number.

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