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    January 17th, 2005
    I have been working with a datafeed (text based, tab deliminated). What I am doing is using Webmerge to grab the information in the datafeed and parse it into HTML pages. All that is working perfectly.

    The problem is that after Excel98 saves and quits, if I go and open the datafeed later, all of the HTML code is converted and makes a series of tables in my datafeed.

    The file is named datafeed.txt and all the information stored in the fields is text based. Only one column features HTML < table > tags.

    Is there is a way to set the preferences in Excel98 to instruct the program not to convert HTML tags? Or can I save it as a particular type of .CSV that won't convert characters such as < table > tags?

    Thank you!

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    January 18th, 2005
    When you save your Excel file MAKE SURE you save it as datafeed.txt REMEMEBR to check the type of file should be set to TEXT.

    Just because you save it as datafeed.txt if the file is set to Excel it will not save it correctly. When you save it as a .txt file you will get all kinds of error messages. Excel does not like doing it that way, not to worry it works just fine.

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