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    Cool My first Walmart Sale!! ... but it's non-commissionable
    So I finally made my first Walmart sale. Too bad it's on my non-commissionable sales report. What an encouraging way to start the program. I realize they have one of the worst cookies in affiliate marketing, so I'm mostly using them for their brand. Shouldn't there be some sort of rule that makes the first sale count no matter what? This isn't going to make me add more links, it's just going to make me add fewer.

    Oh well..
    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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    Just replace their links with somebody else's. Somebody who will pay.

    Competition is good.

    Always be wary of companies who focus on altruistic/patriotic/human-interest themes in their advertisements instead of actual products or services. Bullshit comes in many colors; usually red, white, and blue with cute little stars all over it.

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