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    EBay to reduce some fees
    Less than a month after announcing a price hike that enraged small business
    owners, eBay Inc. said it would reduce some fees and promised to improve
    customer service.

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    A company the size of eBay not being explicit enough. Please lie to me some more. I like it.

    IMHO I am positive that they got so much flak and after delivering poor quarterly numbers, they said, wow, this is going to hurt, how can we save some face.

    They can't cave in to the sellers because then the sellers would start leveraging them for stuff and who is going to buy stock in a company that caves in every time its customers start shouting about the prices.

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    They will cut fees on eBay and increase them on Paypal...
    What's the difference?
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    The fee decrease is ridiculous, really. The only fee they are reducing is the listing fee for auction items with a starting price of $0.99 or lower, they reduce that from 30c to 25c. Bravo. Like that's gonna make a big difference in most sellers' bottom line... This is nothing more than a PR stunt to try to repair some of the damage they have done to themselves.

    Fun eBay story of the day:
    Yesterday i was on the Live Help chat with eBay, and the customer support person had this very relevant question to ask me: (the problem is that i keep receiving newsletters from eBay groups that i can't unsubscribe from)
    "Are you receiving the emails via email or postal mail?"

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