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    Exclamation Yahoo & MSN Up, Google Down
    Since this story came out Jan 17th, I am not sure if google's recent changes have caused this or perhaps they were a reaction to this trend.

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    "In addition, Google is the search engine most users feel they will use in the future."

    Monday, 17 January 2005 MSN was still using INK

    Feb 1 they stopped.

    A few months from now MSN down, Yahoo and Google up

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    with the shitty results google has been spitting out lately. I see
    Google Way Down. Yahoo and MSN Up.

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    I actually haven't found Google too helpful lately so I've been moving over to Yahoo and MSN for my searches as well. Trying to take an unbiased perspective on this can be difficult as an affiliate though.
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    When does msn and yahoo update. I recall google doing a dance each month but have forgotten the date this happens. Msn to date has been good to me.
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    for quite a few months, google stopped doing a scheduled deep crawl. I got the impression that it was more important to them to suddenly come up with a claim for the most pages/sites indexed. too bad the indexing doesn't help us as much as the deep crawl.

    OTOH yahoo seems to be hitting my sites nicely and delivering visitors to the closest page they can use within the site. nice of them.

    and MSN, while not delivering as many direct hits to pages, at least is starting to bring visitors to the main pages of my sites more than ever.

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