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    Someone Stole Our Page and Used It to Get AdSense Ads?
    I was trying to find out on Google who is referring to my page. To my complete amazement, I found a listing that has as its description my page's content exactly. Even my domain's name was in it. So, I decided to do some ... detective work. I soon discovered that all this person's tags were leading to final landing pages that had nothing on them else except a few AdSense Google ads. So, what was my page's content doing in this person's Google listing description? After some research into his Perl and PHP scripts, I have come up with the following theory:

    This person used my page to fool Google that his page had content. He did that by using the HTTP_REFERER variable. When Google goes to his page, his script recognizes the Google address and sends Google to a copy of my page. That is what Google sees, and that is what Google lists.
    When the visitor is not from a Google address, he/she is sent to a page that contains only Google ads!


    PS. Last night I contacted one of the redirection servers that this perron is using. I told them this story and, a couple of hours later, a click on the Google listing stopped leading anywhere. However, all the other URLs, containing just the Google ads, are still there.


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    Sleezebag affiliate tricksters at play and you need to report their URLs to Google so they pull their Adwords from those pages....and close the account without payment.
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    Sorry to her about this. I think you need to post this somewhere else though since it has nothing to do with Commission Junction. Let's keep things on topic.
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    Well if huhu's pages contain CJ items then aren't the perps effectively stealing CJ bandwidth as well?

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    What ecomcity said, just report it to Google.

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    Report Google Abuse
    I can never seem to find the Google Abuse Reporting page when I need it (OK, so I've bookmarked it now...) and it's really hard to find on the Google pages.

    Any chance the Abuse page URL can be posted as a Sticky in the Google section of the Search Engine Insight groups? This would let us point people to it when questions like this thread come up.
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    OMG! Somebody's done it to me too. I just read this post:

    So, I tried the copyscape with a page somebody had plagerized a few years ago. I couldn't believe it. The first four results were just people linking to my site ... no problem, but when I clicked on the last link, I got a page that redirected to nothing but Google Adsense ads.

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