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    Angry Sarah, Who Do You Contact about a Program's Tracking?
    Should I call Linkshare directly?

    I've read where the "Transaction Inquiry" gets no notice
    so should I even use that?

    I've read where you can email affililiate support and will
    get No Response.

    So What should I do?

    Mothers Work is Definitely Not Tracking. I placed an order
    on 2/4/05 -- It has Not shown up.

    Someone needs to check their tracking setup.

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    Ideally you need to contact the Merchants AM directly. Has the order youy made shipped? If not that may explain it, if it has then.... yes potential issue.


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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for replying. I would contact MothersWork AM directly, but as I said before They never reply to an emails.

    The order finally showed up 2 days After it shipped. So, it looks like I'm just going to replace MothersWork with Amazon Maternity or Something -- because I cannot tolerate 1 $20 sale every 500 Very Targetted Clicks.

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    Dear Gettnthar,

    Thank you for posting your question with regards to whom to contact with
    regards to a potential tracking issue. Please feel free to write to, with your Transaction Inquiry #, date of sale and amount. We will then look into your questions.



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