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    Edelman’s site attacked... Share A Sale shutdown.... Coincidence?
    The two most visible and outspoken fighters against parasites...
    Both put out of action at the same time... seems strange to me...

    In Ben’s case they know for sure that it was a DDos attack...

    offline due to a DDoS attack from bad actors yet to be identified. My web host, Globat, says this is the worst DDoS they've ever faced, and they're apparently in no position to get my site back online.
    Share A Sale is still trying to find out what hit them...
    At 7 PM, Brian thought it would only take an hour...
    It’s now 2:45 AM the following day and they're still down...
    Seems a little strange to me...

    If you were running a successful and very profitable parasite
    program... and some people that had been a nuisance were
    actually starting to make a difference in how people viewed and
    used your program... What would you do?

    Personally, if someone were threating my income...
    I’d probably go on the offensive...

    I’m not necessarily saying that there’s...
    "a puff of smoke coming from the grassy knoll..."
    At least not yet...

    But... I’m not a big believer in coincidence either...
    Could someone be sending out a message... possibly a warning...

    Anybody else have an opinion on this...?

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    90 + 90 = ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electropulse
    90 + 90 = ?
    Personally I think it'd be awfully risky for such a well-watched place to do it. Plus, "90 + 90" still has a lot of infested merchants to fall back on, which may lessen the desperation factor.

    My suspicions would go more toward someone who had a big, immediate dent in income from being booted. If Cardboard Box Avenue is looming they may have decided they want neighbors!
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    How does Share a Sale cut into the parasites business? I don't think it does.

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    I think Professor Plum did it in the kitchen with a rope.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    I'm betting Colonel Mustard, in the Library, with a keyboard, lol.

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    It all just goes to show that a number of these parasite pushers are just out-and-out criminals. You do wonder what else they are capable of.
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    Hizbolla has raised the rate for carrying out a suicide bombing once again. Went from 20m to 50K ....and now brings the unskilled brain dead a whooping $100,000. If they have a "incent" BHO they could raise the recruitment/infestation fee and entice more webmasters without the restraints of morals, ethics or religion, and give recruitment bonuses. It's not against the law in Syria -Iran -Lebenon or other Muslim nations to murder Jews. Therefore they could pass the smell test outlined in another closed thread and disclose the details in a EULA with complete transparency.

    I'm sure some here would gladly apply and build disposable domains to hawk at $0.25 per BHO install and 5.00 lead fees. Ben and Ms.B. could OUT the buggers and still incur DDos attacks.
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    Thumbs down Pure trash
    Bird Flu has done it again..........


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    Quote Originally Posted by Leader

    My suspicions would go more toward someone who had a big, immediate dent in income from being booted.
    That makes sense to me.

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    So many possibilities...
    I thought about that too... if you meant an individual affiliate, not a spyware company affiliate. Someone lost a lot of income so they decide to get revenge on the person they feel is responsible for their loss.


    I wouldn't rule out any of the spyware companies as the primary responsible party. They all have the "talent" necessary to target sites with DDOS attacks. Oh but they wouldn't dirty their own hands, they're not THAT stupid. They would hire others to do it for them. Don't forget that that's what they do every day with their drive-by installs through spam and paying for each email sent, link clicked or install and they think nothing of it. No remorse. Just business as usual. What's a DDOS attack for them?

    If or when Ben catches who did this to his site, it will be a matter of how many of them (or just one) will talk to point the finger at the true "mastermind" behind the attack. I hope they get caught, charged, fined heavily and sentenced to.... many years of butt loving and hard labor at 40 cents per day.

    If you meant a spyware company affiliate, then I guess we agree.


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    Bad news short term, but excellent news long term. Like firing a torpedo gives away the submarine's position, so does this kind of offensive (not passive) activity. Now they will be caught!


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