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    Newbie question,
    I am interested in integrating data feeds with dynamic text (forums). I have only looked at one feed so far, but the descriptor text was long, and would not match up with my forum text.

    What I need is e.g. to match "inkjet printer" with one or two inkjets printers in my feed. So the text of the data feed should say "inkjet printer" and not "inkjet printer xxyz", which would not match.

    I don't want to manually edit every record in the datafeed. How do I do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Don't. Do a keyword search on the fulltext of the field. (This process is going to be different in every setup, so I'm not going to tell you how to do it in mine only and have you be all confuzzed)
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    Thanks. Yes, one can do a keyword search, and select the highest statistical matches. Those ads could then be shown somewhere on the page--and it is a great idea.

    Still, I want to integrate the ads into the text, so that e.g. "fox carburator" in the body of forum text would be highlighted. I believe this is much more powerful since people are conditioned to bypass ads, but have to read the text (usually!). That requires a different technique.

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