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    US Governemnt allows email marketing
    Got this in my email this morning. Thought some of you may be interested:

    on january 1st, 2004... the united states government made law confirming that...

    BROADCAST EMAIL ADVERTISING is a completely acceptable, ethical,
    and legal form of internet advertising for every single resident and business.

    ..tens of thousands of businesses are BROADCAST EMAIL ADVERTISING to
    promote their web site to millions of people for free... right now... are you...?

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    Jan 1 2004 is when the CAN SPAM Act took affect.

    Basically giving people permission to SPAM as long as they have their "business address" in the email. I think that's pretty much how it went.

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    Not quite.

    But wait. A piece of spam, selling spam, says it is okay to spam!!? Spam never lies! Trust me and my 3 foot penis.

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    Both the sender of the email AND the company being adverised must include opt-out links as well. So if you get an email from a big mailer you don't want to hear from, about a product you couldn't care less about, you should be able to opt-out of both lists. You should then never get another ad for that product, not get another email from that mailing list.

    That works nice for those following the rules, and there are many that do follow those rules.

    The real problem is that "real spam" (the kind that promotes penis enlargement, or cialis, or whatever's in your inbox lately without your permissions) follows no rules. They obtain your email address through dubious methods, send the spam through viruses... god knows what else. There's really not much that can stop them.
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