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    Swarovski Crystal at lists Swarovski Cyrstal on their site, which my wife tells me is one of the top crystals, but it doesn't show up in the data file we get, and I have the latest one. I can get to Swarovski Cyrstal by using the seach feature on my site, but I don't see my ID following along anywhere.

    Anyone know why it was left out, and if a search is done for it as above, does our ID go with it, and are others things left out? Is that one question or three?



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    1. Ask why Swarovksi Crystal does not show up in the datafeed.

    2. Look in the HTML of your webapge and look for the <FORM> and you'll see your ID in the ACTION attribute. If you search for "swarovski",'s website receives the search request (with your ID) and then does a redirect to their Swarovski Crystals webpage rather than displaying a grid of search results. Try searching for "xyz" so there are no matches and you'll see your ID in the address bar.

    3. You'll have to ask if there are any other products that are missing from their datafeed.

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    I spoke to Lauren about this just to confirm what I thought I already knew

    There are product lines that are excluded from the datafeed due to restrictions placed by the manufacturers or companies involved. These sales are still commissionable if some one clicks through your aff link and goes on to purchase the items that aren't in the feed.

    And, yes, the search box does track affiliate code as long as you use the correct code to begin with.

    Most of the items that are not in the feed have trademark issues, so I wouldn't add direct text links or use graphics or images from the GoCollect or the manufacturer's site unless you want to get hit with a C&D. Believe me, I am one of the folks that got hit with one from one of the product lines a couple of years ago.
    Deborah Carney

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