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    Managing Site Information
    I am just looking for some methoods to manage web site information. Ex an excel spread sheet for each site with IP address, passwords, monthly hosting price, ect...

    I I use a few different computers and am looking for a way to make more infomation mobil.


    BTW I am still working on and MS Access tutoral for datafeeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simplistechs
    BTW I am still working on and MS Access tutoral for datafeeds.
    I have been waiting for those

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    I started the same way - an Excel spreadsheet. Since I'm editing html all of the time, I now keep an html page (that's on my desktop, not publically hosted) with all my sites and support and password info. I use the online file folder sync tool from GoDaddy so that I have a copy at the office and at home. The html page is free form so I can set it up exactly hoe I want... sections for banking, hosting & my sites, merchants, friends site's, traffic / PPCSE, biz & legal, etc...

    You might also use a thumb drive for storage so you can be very mobile - they make several with built-in password protection. I use one as a backup to my backups and so it also contains my html page with my access info.

    There's also some thumb drives with biometrics built-in - here's the first one I found just now with a quick search at Google:

    I've also been considering using roboform - an application built for this type of thing - but I worry about security and roboform is a free tool. Have seen too many free tools that share information. Sounds stupid - but I'd trust it more if it was a pay-for application. Maybe they run ads in the console or something...
    I also don't know if it has the extra space I'd need for things like aff manager name and number, hosting password, webmail password, stats access, etc that I group together for each site.

    Let us know what works out for you in the end.

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    I use TuxCards

    I keep hierarchical pages for each web site with to-do lists, password info, test info, and also a hierarchy of pages for each month and day to keep track of what I did for invoicing purposes. Since the file format is XML it's easy to transport around if I need to.
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