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    List of Merchants linked to Spyware/Adware
    I am looking for a list of Merchants linked to spyware/adware
    can someone point me in the right direction?

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    I don't think a list like this exists, HardwareGeek... But if you do get a hold of something like this, please PM it to me. I would highly appreciate it!

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    partial list
    There are so many parasites that I donít believe
    anyone has a comprehensive list of all of them...

    What I usually do is scan these topmoxie apps
    before signing on with a new merchant...


    donation street





    You might want to google "topmoxie" from time to time
    to see what other new crapware has sprung from this dungpile...

    I also check...
    Ben Edelmanís site listing whenu users

    If I donít find a merchant listed on any of these...
    I usually sign up...however... that doesnít mean that theyíre clean...

    Sometimes I find out later that theyíre listed with a parasite
    that I didnít check for or, in some cases, never heard of...

    Some merchants have quit these applications in the past only to
    find months later that their name is still on the parasiteís list...

    So, if you find a merchant on one of these lists that you really
    want to work with... you might contact them to see if they really
    are still doing business with that parasite... sometimes they arenít...

    <Font size="1" color="99000">Never doubt anybody's word for anything... but... Always double check everything... - Grandpa</font>

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    Sometimes a merchant may not be aware that they are with a parasite. If you find them with a parasite, you could email them (or call them) and let them know about it and explain to them how parasites hurts their bottom line. It helps if you are already their affiliate and have been bringing them some sales.

    It does not do anyone any good if you just avoid these merchants without trying to educate them first.

    If just 1 of the 10 merchants you inform about the issue takes action to clean up the parasite infested nest, and if each affiliate takes time to contact 10 merchants about the situation, the overall situation for all of us regular affiliates will improve significantly.

    You don't have to be a superaffiliate to get their attention. The best merchants would listen to what even small guys like us have to say, and do their own private investigations.

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    Sometimes a merchant is on an old list even though they are now parasite free.

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    I looked over the top 300 retail web sites as posted by Radar cat and noticed that many of them posted there are also on e-bates. Some of them also have forums here.
    Would merchants listed on e-bates be advocates of parasite, adware and pop-up?
    I'm not to sure what to think of this. Anyone have any comments? Perhaps some from merchants on e-bates.

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