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    Locking Sales...
    On a separate note, when on the 10th of a month do the new sales from the previous month automatically lock? Most of my Jan sales are still showing up as "New"

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    i think merchants have until the end of today.. also, i think bonuses are calculated today.. if im wrong, maybe someone more knowledgeable can correct me..


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    I've never paid much attention to when sales are locked, but I'm curious about bonuses. I receive bonuses from eBay, usually around the 5th of the following month like clock-work.

    However, I have another merchant that owes me bonuses regularly. I earned a bonus in November, and kept waiting for it to show up in December. Finally, I contacted the merchant, who told me that CJ told him that bonuses usually take 45 days to post. So, I finally received my November bonus on January 15. I guess I'll be seeing my December bonus around the 15th of this month.

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