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    Tables and Columns
    I've done some very basic stuff with WM over the last year so I do understand the basics, having published a few thousand pages.

    I think I've just had my bubble burst with my latest whizbang idea.

    I looked in help for the COL tag but don't find anything on it. But, I think I'm wasting my time so can you confirm that what I want to do below is practically impossible or point me to instructions on how to accomplish my task.

    Within a table (or two?) I want to insert from left to right in row 1, TitleA, TitleB, TitleC.
    Row 2: DescriptionA, DescriptionB, DescriptionC from the records used for TitleA, etc. (Hope this makes sense.)

    I gather from cruising through the forum that this is impossible with WM?

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    The WM-Record tag allows an optional COLS and WIDTH attribute, and it will automatically build a table for you. Check out the WebMerge Help page on that tag for details.

    Tip: It's a good idea to use v2.4 for making tables, as I've cleaned up a couple bugs in the table code when using WM-Record in conjunction with WM-IndexLabel. In v2.3 some combinations of those tags failed to close the table; this should be corrected in v2.4.
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