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    Adding new GoCollect datafeeds
    How do I add GoCollect's new Bloomology and Glowology datafeeds to my site? Can they be added via, and if so, will they show up on my Index page along with everything now there? Thanks, and God bless each and every one. TT

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    The Bloomology and Glowology datafeeds use the same format as the datafeed. So, if you rename the Bloomology datafeed (or Glowology datafeed) file to gocollect.dat then the script will use it (don't run it on your existing GoCollect website since the recreated home page will just show items from this datafeed).

    In the Bloomology datafeed, all the products have the manufacturer name as "Fresh Flowers". Since creates subdirectories based on the manufacturer name, you'll see one entry on the home page, "Fresh Flowers", that links to the subdirectory /fresh-flowers where all the files are created.

    You could also "glue" the three files together using a plain text editor (e.g.: Windows Notepad) to form one large gocollect.dat datafeed file. Only keep the header row at the top of the entire file; delete the other header rows as you copy in from the 2nd and 3rd datafeed files. When you run on this large datafeed file, all three product groups will show up on the home page sorted by manufacturer name ("Fresh Flowers" for flowers).

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    I am not sure about bloomology because I didn't look, but I think the glowology links are in the main feeds, just under different category names. I did see a how section of Yankee Candles for example, in the instock feed.

    I would open them in a text editor or excel and take a look before merging them.
    Deborah Carney

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