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    commissionsoup openly admits
    a while back i promoted their credit cards.. but then i noticed when i checked my links.. i would click through and if clicked away or closed the window a popup came up for more cards.. i thought neat! then i noticed that there was someone elses affiliate link in there..

    anyway i phoned and spoke to the affiliate manager and he admited to me that they did that.. and if i want they could turn that off or swap out the id for mine..

    I was like you bet your ass.. in fact i dont want to promote your cards.. you slimes are doing this

    I pay for traffic via ppc and if they dont do the application.. you are attempting to funnel that traffic through to one of your affiliate programs.. thats BS..

    i mean literally the affiliate manager.. was like all sheepish.. when he said yes these popups were those.. i was like well why the hell is it not my aff link in there... your stealing my paid traffic..


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    thanks for sharing the info

    Affiliates should be aware of unfair practices

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    Do they still do this?

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    Would it really make a difference? Why would you ever trust them again?

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