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    Angry Still waiting for my Oct payment!
    If you're still thinking LinkShare is going to launch their direct deposit in March listen to that:

    Last time I was paid: LinkShare Mailed Check on 10/13/2004
    It was for my September sales and may be (I can't remember) their first month with LinkShare.

    OCT: LinkShare Awaiting Merchant Payment
    NOV: LinkShare Awaiting Merchant Payment
    DEC: LinkShare Awaiting Merchant Payment
    JAN: Contact Merchant Directly

    If I look in my Merchant Payment History, there's no

    How can a company be so screwy? We're in February, they have not been able to pay us for 5 months now.

    Did you notice, LinkShare is not handling the payment anymore. Contact Merchant Directly. Did I get any information from them? No.

    They remind me of the good old LinkShare of my beginning with the same idiot in chief bragging about how good they are. Sure, I believe you.

    Ecomworks, Inc. started to manage their affiliate program last month, 1st thing they did was to redirect all affiliate product pages to the home page.

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    i have read plenty on this forum about no payment from merchants,

    why would you promote an advertiser that does not pay. If i have an advertiser that is even one week late...i'm on the phone with them and MAYBE give them one more week. If i don't receive payment within two week of due date i drop them. If it becomes a habit of being late i drop them. If i can't reach them they get dropped.

    You have a plethora of companies on the web that pay on time each and every month.

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    Further amazing is that these same so-called merchants would probably chase you out into the parking lot and shoot your tires out if you forgot to pay at the checkout counter.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    I will have your payment issue investigated, I will need your username to do so. Feel free to email with subject line ABW Ecomworks issue and it will be directed to me.



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    Glad to see you here Gloria as I'm working on my accounting. I had a problem with a check sent by eComWorks, see this thread:

    At the same time by looking at the check back from my bank I saw it was not only for AppetizertoGo but also for and I had to look deeper to find the right amount.
    Payments from Appetizerstogo were handled by LinkShare up to February this year and are now managed by eComWorks starting Feb 1st 2005.
    The LinkShare payment report still shows for Appetizerstogo "LinkShare Awaiting Merchant Payment" for OCT, NOV, DEC, and Contact Merchant Directly for JAN
    I just received a check from eComWorks corresponding to the October amount for Appetizerstogo only. So it seems eComWorks is going to pay us for the outstanding payments due by LinkShare. There was no letter or explanation with the check

    So, Gloria, it would be good to update your "Payment Reports" at least for October. I assume I'm going to get my checks for NOV and DEC from eComWorks, I don't understand why they didn't send one global check for all the outstanding commissions from OCT to DEC. LinkShare should also update the payment reports with "Contact Merchant directly"
    A note of eComWorks or/and LinkShare would have been appreciated to explain the tranfert of responsabilty regarding the payments. I hope I'm not the only affiliate for them.
    Thanks Gloria.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Gloria, why bother to ask us to cooperate if LinkShare don't do anything.

    My Payment Report, still shows I have not been paid for commissions earned in October. "LinkShare Awaiting Merchant Payment" Merchant APPETIZERSTOGO.COM
    Is it to hard to ask LinkShare to have updated and accurate information about your affiliates income? Is it too much to be paid on time? Do you want me to elaborate on your 1099?

    When I see Merchant Payment History and Payment Report tagged as NEW I want to scream.
    Is where anybody in charge of anything at LinkShare?

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