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    can i get a quick reply about
    Hi all i want to promote them and have 3 questions

    FIRST questions: I notice they have their own private affiliate program, yet at the same time they are now listed as NEW in but in

    2nd question: On their site they give affiliates 3 options for promoting them.. YOU CANT DO BOTH.. i think.. which pees me off.. anway you can either do

    1. Free signup and get $2 for each woman and $1 for each man


    2. 100% of the registration fee (between $19.94 and $139.94) of your visitors who sign up as a paying member.

    3. Now you can cut through all the tricky math about conversion rates and percentages, and receive a flat $25 per order. Even if your visitors purchase our popular one-month, $19.95 membership, you still receive $25!

    Which one is best to choose?

    3rd question.. i notice the new on cj only offers the 2nd option above.. which is registration payout not.. free signup..

    so please if anyojne can advise ...please do


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    come on guyz.. which one to promote?????

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    and should i got through CJ instead of using their private program?

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