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    Does this seem valid?
    You know how when you click on commissions you see a table, and one of the columns is "Perf Bonus Commission"? I never knew what this amount was, but for a certain merchant I had over $2500 in this box, payable on February 1st, 2005. I was not aware of a bonus commission, and really don't remember when the money first started showing up, but I think it grew incrementally since last 2003. Anyway, on February 1st, the date ticked over to 2006 so I e-mailed the AM to find out what this money was and why the date ticked over. His response was basically "there is no bonus, those were three erroneous tier commissions, it happens sometimes when an affiliate has custom commissions entered in befree" - and now the amount is $0.00. Anyone know anything about this or have it happen to them? thanks.

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    I never noticed this before, but I will take a look. Thanks!

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