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    42 Deadly Ad Copy Sins That I've Made
    I have read thousands of ad copies online and offline
    over my lifetime. I have read excellent ad copies that
    made me right away and some that may have had
    a decent product, but had a poor ad copy that turned
    me away.

    Now that I am in business, I have written some of my
    own ad copies. Some of them have worked, some of
    them have bombed. The key is to keep changing and
    testing your ad copy, don't just write one and then
    stop. I don't have a college degree in copywriting, but
    I know to learn from the mistakes and n.ever give up.

    Below I've made a of 42 deadly ad copy sins that
    I've made over the years and that you can learn from:

    -no compelling headline
    -no believable testimonials
    -no sub headlines
    -no attractive benefits
    -no features
    -no strong guarantees
    -no asking or answering questions
    -no proof of benefits offered
    -no contact information for questions
    -no endorsements
    -no conversational writing
    -too long of sentences
    -no deadline to order
    -no f.ree trials
    -spelling mistakes
    -grammar mistakes
    -too light of text
    -too dark of background
    -ad copy doesn't blend together
    -no breaks in ad copy
    -no bullets
    -ad copy in all CAPS
    -few ordering options
    -no visual aids
    -no comparison to competition
    -no reminding of benefits or deadlines
    -no information about your business
    -no appealing adjectives
    -no appealing phrases
    -too large of text
    -too small of text
    -no emotional appeal
    -too large of paragraphs
    -no story telling
    -no underlining or bolding of keywords
    -too short of ad copy
    -too long of ad copy
    -no facts or case studies
    -hard to understand jargon
    -no f.ree bonuses
    -too low of price
    -too high of price

    Don't get me wrong, not all 42 of my ad copy sins will
    apply to each and every ad you write. It is just a
    you can use in the future. If you currently have an ad
    copy, compare it to the right now. Your ad copy
    could make or break your sales.

    Quote of the Day:

    "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who
    cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn,
    and relearn." -- Alvin Toffler

    Get FREE info by email.

    Warm regards,

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    Important: Classified Tips

    Over the last 4 years we have found that these 13 tips can make the difference between good to moderate results and no results at all in online classified advertising.

    1. Short precise ads work better. We have provided longer ads within the center, but that does not mean you need to place longer ads within them. All fields must be completed, but you can use the short ads in the longer fields.

    2. Your goal should only be to get the client to the site for more information.

    3. Use action words(i.e. Now, amazing, attractive, confidential, etc.). These words call the client to do something.

    4. Make your product appear unique to all other product available(if any).

    5. DO NOT try to sell your customer on your in the ad.

    6. Spark an interest or curiosity in your advertisement.

    7. Use the title to grab the interest, use the ad to spark curiosity.

    8. You more than likely will not achieve good results from a product that is saturated on the Internet, or a product that is so obscure that it has no perceived value.

    9. Online classifieds are different. The ads on the sites rotate. This means that you must post your ads regularly(this means a schedule is needed), and as in all advertising, you have one chance to grab the customer. There is so much information available on the web, you must strike and strike hard to get the customer.

    10 Posting the same ad over and over and over in a row is called "SPAMMING". Spamming will get your ads banned from all sites and will get your account terminated from the AdSubmitter with no refund. In addition, our research has shown that clients that see the same ad many times in a row do not respond. No one likes a spammer.

    11. Track and monitor your results. This is critical. If your ad does not attract results, change the ad with the next posting. Your frame of mind should be to learn through trial and error. Find the ads that work for your product alone. This is the main reason why the AdSubmitter exists

    12. DO NOT try to make your product appear to good to be true. Leave out the hype. The Internet has grown and hype doe not really sell anymore. Just state the real facts.

    13. DO NOT underestimate the power of having a schedule. Post the same ads every 5-7 days. No more, No less. This keeps your ads in front of the customer and avoids spamming.

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    great advices, i just print them and placed them on the board!!!!

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    Thanks for the great tips!

    You mentioned:

    -too low of price
    -too high of price

    What price testing methods do you like to use to maximize sales?


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    They (piano) most likely don't do any such testing methods. The post is a copy paste from one of those Internet ebook things. The mailto link they posted contained a referral id.

    Google "42 Deadly Ad Copy Sins". I found what was posted here dated back to 2000.

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    Wow, Thanks bad

    It did look kind of details

    I also just noticed: Posts:1

    That should have been a tip off to me....Duh

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourstruly
    3. Use action words(i.e. Now, amazing, attractive, confidential, etc.). These words call the client to do something.
    A call to action is a well known advertising must, but none of the examples you gave are action words.

    Action words, by their nature, need to be verbs.

    buy/try/register/sign up/click/apply

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