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    Microsoft Plans Free Anti-Spyware Program

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    "which as the world's dominant operating system has been the primary target of spyware and related programs"

    Bzzzzt. Which as the least secure operating system, has been the primary target.

    You don't think that if Apple had (say) 5% of the market, but had a flaw allowing ANYONE to install a parasite application on all Internet connected Apple machines at the flip of a switch, the parasite makers wouldn't do it because it wasn't "dominant"?

    '"This particular attempt appears to be the first by any piece of malware to disable Microsoft AntiSpyware, but it may be the first of many such future attacks," said Gregg Mastoras, senior security analyst at Sophos PLC, a security firm.'

    Which makes Microsoft AntiSpyware reliable in what way?

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    I think it's great. I will be promoting this heavily, since this doesn't target affiliate cookies like Ad-Aware and Spybot. And they have a financial interest in getting all the crap since is makes Bill and his company look bad. Yes, i know thats due in large part to their security flaws.

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    Keep an eye out to see if they do add the cookie thing with future upgrades. I'm hearing winds already that it's coming (have no idea how valid those winds are), but there are numerous complaints on the MS newsgroup from end users that cookies aren't being detected like their other removal applications and why not.

    I've yet been able to get it to work on my test computer although I've tried all the fixes I've found on the support group.

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    MS Anti Spyware is great I am glade it is free.

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    Yep, its great that MS is going to keep it free . I hope they keep a close eye on anything that tries to disable it and continue to have respect for affiliate cookies .
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    I've repeatedly tried to offer praise -- to media, blogs, forums, and anyone who will listen -- praising the decision not to detect cookies. Very sensible. Here's hoping Microsoft keeps their level head & leadership position on this issue...

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