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    Call me a pessimist, but, when do you think Google and other SE's will get wise to Datafeed Marketing ?

    Reason I ask:

    Creating a site with millions and millions of pages using Datafeeds isn't too hard.
    Coming up with a clever way to code your pages to optimize KW's isn't too hard either.

    I was describing one of my sites to a friend, and he burst out laughing saying that he hated me, and all the other "stupid affiliates" who hog up the search results with pages leading to the same Advertiser.
    Sadly enough, I had to agree with him, as the comsumer end of the search process is quite frustrating (a bunch of similar sites with the same information pointing to the same site).

    So... how long is this going to last !?
    Yes, I am making a bit of change from Datafeed sites... but have a feeling everyone and their Grandma is going to jump on the Datafeed bandwagon (if they haven't already)... and the market is going to get waaaaay over-saturated (not like it isn't already either).

    Whatcha' think !?

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    I think things will keep changing...

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    January 18th, 2005
    Interesting thoughts. Google's algo has always been very dynamic. Its inevitable that relevancy will win the end. But the changes will be slow..i think..mostly uneventful. content content content is the answer

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    Even if they do land on those sites and end up at teh same advertiser.. only way they could have found them was by tying a keyword in so if its a guitar site.. and they typed in for guitars.. well your given them that so whats wrong?

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    From what I understand, the SE's don't like sites filled with back-end links that mirror the content of a merchant site too closely, because it detracts from a positive end-user experience, which makes perfect sense - the SE's are providing a service to the end-user and they want to be sure it is a useful one.

    For this reason, the changes in SE algorithms have caused a lot of havoc in the data feed world of recent whereby data feed affiliates have had problems getting the SE's to index their sites well, if at all,. Many data feed using folks are just beginning to find out now, that what the SE's require in order for data feed sites to be successful amidst changes to the algorithms, is not just any old site with data feeds plastered all over them but those sites that offer VALUE ADDED CONTENT.

    I have become involved in a number of discussions on this very matter in recent weeks and I'm interested in taking it to the next level.

    I am in the process now of trying to determine WHAT exactly is considered to be value-added content by the SE's and what is not, in order to best teach our own data feed users how to be successful through their use.

    I am interested in finding out what the rest of you have to say or might know on this topic - please share any insights you may have.

    I think because data feed marketing has always been such a large part of affiliate marketing as a whole, it is important that this issue be discussed here for the benefit of all involved.

    Thanks Jolly Green for putting the topic out there, and thanks to anyone else who takes the time to contribute any meaningful comments to this discussion.

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    I feel datafeed driven sites are already being driven out of the SERP's by Google. They've become very good at identifying information that's either too static or repeated throughout the net. Google is very picky about what they index and display, so you need to be very picky about what you post on your site. Lately Google isn't doing much with products listed deep within a site. They're mostly indexing products on featured areas. Google's teaching me a lot about what to market and when because if I don't promote the right products for the right merchant at the right time, I won't get sales. For example, you need to display Halloween costumes on your front page in August so you can have them indexed and ready to go in September and October. You can switch them out around the middle of October so you can have something new indexed by the time November rolls around. I'm working very hard to accomodate these changes and milk the small amount of traffic Google's offering me. Fortunately I'm making more than I made before the big August algorithm change, but I've only got half the traffic. You just need to learn to milk it. Consider using top selling datafeeds instead of the full feed. Also consider datafeeds that are more exclusive, like the LS merchandiser program or CJ datafeeds. You need to find information that's difficult to acquire.

    Back to the start of this topic... Of course Google is getting wise to datafeed sites. They've already filtered out a great number of sites and they're removing more each month. We can't simply slap a whole feed up on a new domain anymore. Google won't touch it. We need to be smart, understand each market, know what sells and focus on smaller pieces of the feeds. You don't need hundreds of thousands of pages to make a successful website, you just need to know who and what sells well.

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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