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    I have Data Feeds....Now What?
    Hi All-

    My collegue and I have been working endless hours to create datafeeds on our website. We've finally installed the Overstock Nonmedia Datafeed which has over 20,000 products. Now that we have these wonderful detailed pages, we need to figure out how to get people to them. My original plan
    was to put the individual items on Google Adwords. But now I have a dilemma.....there are too many pages with huge descriptions and titles.
    I really can't describe the items in the ads because of the character limitations and some of the titles of the products of repeated. As you know
    the Overstock datafeed is updated daily and is ever changing, therefore my Google Adwords would have to be ever changing.....Daily???....With 20,000 products in just one feed???? uke: !!@#$%#%

    Does anyone have any other ideas of how I can use these datafeeds?
    Loyalty Sites? Adwords? Search Engine Optimization? How are the successful datafeeders doing it?

    Everyone's ideas and comments (no matter how trivial) would greatly
    be appreciated!


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    So does anyone know what you do when you have datafeeds?

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    I suggest starting with one product at a time. Pick one that you know sells well and add some information about it to make people want it. Collect blurbs from reviews on other sites, write your own reviews, collect specs from the manufacturer website. Just make sure you give credit where credit is due. Make a very nice page that sells the product well. Maybe even find more datafeeds with more links to the product just in case the link you have from Overstock becomes invalid. Build a price comparison page if you can. Once you've done that, build an Adwords campaign with a very brief ad and start cheap. As that's going, start building another page and so on.

    Don't overwhelm yourself and make sure each product has sufficient value added to it. Meaning you need to add information besides the description you find in the Overstock datafeed. Consider the thousands of other people who have this feed and try to add information that nobody else is adding.

    I hope this is helpful!
    - Scott
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    There's lots of things you can do with feeds.

    I like SEO, myself. If you can get the listings, there's nothing like it.

    For AdWords, you could just advertise a more general category (for instance, "[particular brand] disk drives" instead of an exact model of disk drive) and send them to that page; it doesn't usually convert as well when you're not as specific, but that may cut down on some of the URL churn.

    Loyalty sites, along with the fact that having to bribe people to buy strikes me as bad, have the problem of tracking who bought what.
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