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    Has anybody tried dumping a feed into Microsoft Access and then moving the database into Frontpage?

    I've got FP2000 and I saw that it will import databases from Access. My thought process was dumping the datafeed file into Access and then importing the Access file into FP. Does this work or I am looking at a huge pain in the butt?


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    Sounds interesting. Haven't tried it - I use webmerge.
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    Sounds like a huge pain, and then what will you have when you're done? Sorry, it sounds scarry.

    Is FP going to generate a bunch of pages for you?


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    My thought is that if I could break the categories up in Access, I could then create the pages in FP.

    Before I actually try this, however, I'm wondering if it actually would work.

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    I am currently using this approach for my first lame attempt at working with a datafeed. My efforts are limited and still need some additional tweaking. If you care to see the current result:

    The process involves retreiving the CSV file via FTP, importing a CSV text file into an Access table, uploading the Access file to my web server, then finally creating the pages that query and display the products.

    When an update is needed you repeat those first 3 steps.

    There are several tricks to getting all of it to work right. But if your datafeed consists of 10k records or less and you only update the data occassionally (weekly or less) it's worth looking at.

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