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    How to Avoid Spambot
    Came across this site while looking for more information on a bot that keeps on crawling through my site. Seems helpful!

    You can also sign-up for free and put a code onto your site and it will alert you in case of any spambot trying to gather information from the site. I havent used it yet. If anyone has, is it really useful?
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    It works fine as I placed those Honeypot traps on many of my clients sites and the spambots hate them. Love that hate relationship as the buggers now bypass those sites with some domain filtering tools....Yippie!
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    What I do is actually generate a vald but throwaway e-mail address on each page using PHP. This address has the date/time and IP address coded into it such that if I get some spam using these e-mails I can see when and from where it was harvested & can file an appropriate complaint with the person's ISP. If a legitimate person uses the e-mail address to ask a question, I still get it as well.

    Maybe shutting down one jerk running a mail scanner bot is just a drop in the bucket, but it makes me feel better and it usually only takes 5 minutes to track them down and shoot off a quick e-mail and it makes me feel better. :-)
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