I dont know if this works with the free version of AD-Aware but I have used this for sometime now and install it on any PC's I repair.

1. Install AD-Aware SE Pro

2. Install the following batch file in the same directory as AD-Aware (usulay find it under program files-Lavasoft.

ad-aware /full +auto +nice+2 +nodefnotice +update

This batch file does a full sweep, deletes what it finds and updates the definiation file.

3. After creating the batch file (place the above text in notepad and save as say sweep.bat

4. Use scheduler in WINXP to schedule the file to run when you want. I have it running after my virus sweep at about 3am.

I leave my pc on all the time and use adsl. If you want the update to the definaniton file to take place you need to be online at the time you schedule.

Just thought I'd post that one here as it's so simple and easy to set-up. My PC is cleaned of spyware each and every day without any intervention from me.

Cheers admad1