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    Lightbulb Affiliate diagnostic page?
    Wouldnt it be great if there was a URL one could visit that would check a bunch of stuff on the users browser and computer to see if there might be issues tracking sales? Like check if the user is blocking cookies, using an old browser that might have issues, etc., and then suggests possible solutions?

    So if a user visits your site, you do some checks and tell them right away, you dont have cookies enabled, we recommend turning them on if you are going to use this site, etc.

    You could also get stats on how many users visit your site that wont track if they do follow an affiliate link

    This cant be a new idea - has anyone created or run across anything like this? Any thoughts?

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    Welcome to ABW, alebus

    Unfortunately there are serious privacy issues here. There has to be extreme trust for a site to enter a visitor's computer to that degree.

    I think the closest we've come to that kind of service is where some of us put up some javascript that reported to the visitors what adware was on their computers.

    And the usefulness of that became debatable because so many visitors were complete newbies who thought we were blocking access to our pages with all the messages that were popping up.

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