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    What's this about about 2tier and responders?
    I heard from a friend something about there being autoresponder
    for prspects at clickbank. Also something about there being
    2 tiers now?

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I am not really a clickbank
    user but sounds encouraging if true.

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    i haven't heard of either of these.

    autoresponders used with cb are still independent of the system. so if someone purchases from a cb vendor, or joins a newsletter / ezine, then the autoresponder might kick in, but i haven't seen it as a cb feature.

    2 tier! i wish. but no - still one tier.

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    Theres only one way right now and it doesn't apply to what your asking for. You can sign up as a reseller and promote "getting CB merchants" and you get a commission sale from that ($29 i think) plus residual on everything that merchant makes. Which is essentially a 2 tier program.

    The problem with CBs two tier program is they just have to create it! First they need to create the tracking ability within their system (probably a little time consuming but worth it), secondly, they just add a new form box for us merchants and us merchants will need to add this % amount in a new field to give to 2nd tier affiliates. Some merchants will lower their 1st level % to make up for the added 2nd tier program, but it's really no big deal either way and I've been wanting them to add this for a long time now, from a MERCHANTS side I love it and also from the AFFILIATES side I LOVE it even more!!!

    Doesn't CB know that there are SUPER AFFILIATES who have a ton of connections and they will send offers through their traffic connections (mostly email) and make the in-between from all the sales???...

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