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    How will canada revenue know how much you make
    I was just wondering how can canada revenue know exactly how much you make in affiliate marketing? It's not like CJ, ClickBank, Google, and other companies are reporting your earnings, unless you live in the US.

    So wouldn't it be possible to declare nothing on your tax forms and still get away with it? Because if they do decide to audit you, they wouldn't have a clue you were making money from affiliate marketing anyways, because there's no affiliate income record to compare with.

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    There's only one thing that governments hate more than drug lords, terrorists and murderers - and that's tax evaders.

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    Your bank will inform them what you have been paid.
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    Don't mess with the IRS!
    OK I know its Canada, but "Rev Can" doesn't rhyme with "don't mess" - anywho... I'm with everyone else - its not worth it to not declare income - find some meaningful expenses instead - you and your accountant will be far happier in the long run...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon
    Your bank will inform them what you have been paid.
    And if they don't, when the time comes when Rev Canada auditors show up, and compare your banking statements to your tax returns, THAT's when they'll get you.

    Especially if you're doing well with affiliate marketing.

    However, I'm under the impression that most networks will require you to fill out some kind of form (w8 or w9 or something like that) to declare your income which is then made available to foreign governmental tax institutions. At least, that's what we do!
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