Option 1: Stop blocking us from seeing merchants that have rejected us!

Option B: If Option 1 is no good, remove the line You may re-apply to the program after you have adjusted your profile application or web site to meet our acceptance standards from your lovely little rejection email. We can't re-apply, WE CAN'T SEE THE MERCHANT!

Option 3a: Require all merchants to view not only the main URL listed within the profile, but to also check any sub affiliate sites listed with the account.

Option 3b: If this ability doesn't exist, make it exist!

One of my merchants just moved to LS from an In-House and CJ setup (Lord only knows why). I saw where they came to my main site, checked the stats to the others, nope of course not, they didn't view those. So I get rejected. Now I can't see them. Now I have to go back to email (I've already had to email them once due to problems even finding their program in the first place), and explain the situation to them, wasting both of our time.

This isn't the first time I've had to go through this hoop-jumping.

If I didn't really like this merchant, I wouldn't anymore.


Had to get that off my chest even though I'm sure deaf ears heard it.