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    Does it look bad if...
    Your retail site is listed in a help forum in google,... Lets say a customer does a background check on your site, they see listing of your site linked to a few other retail sites, and on the same page.. lol.. smack at the top.. they see your site asking those on the forum to evaluate your sales copy... does this make your retial site look bad? does it make you look too desperate? does it make you seem like the average retailer?

    now.. ive done research on 2 vendors in my life before i purchased from them... none seemed bad, but i know there are some out there that if you did a google search on them you would be horrified.. ie: they are partnered with spyware, bad customer service, etc etc.

    I dont and hope to never fall into that category.. but does my inquiries here make my business look bad?


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    I'll chime in with my opinion on this question.

    I personally don't think that a question being asked about the promotional marketing sales copy will/would be seen in any bad light by the "searcher". (depending on what is read)

    As long as the response(s) show neutral to favorable commentary ... it would most likely help assist the "searcher" on their decision based on their "findings".

    Personally, I think that if someone is "searching" for any information about your site/offer ... they are seeking any "negative" issues they should be aware of before making a decision.
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    Call me crazy but I rarely do searches before doing online purchases. If I have any misgivings I simply move on. I think if I were to do a search and saw your listing in site review it would give me a warm fuzzy. It would tell me there was flesh and bones behind the site - someone who cared. Even though you aren't actually the merchant, most consumers probably won't know that. Just my thoughts.

    I'll add though that if you started ranting and raving at people or using obsence language I probably wouldn't do business with you. That probably goes without saying though. Well...for most people anyway.


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