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    Questions about Gardening Merchants
    I have a project that needs a nursery or gardening merchant. I have searched and found tons of nurseries with virtually identical web sites. It looks like one of those deals where you get your very own branded website. It could be just an affiliate site for a master affiliate or merchant. I found a webhost that provides branded garden sites, but I can't determine if they are all independent suppliers or they are dealing through the same wholesale source. Some of them even have identical affiliate sign-up pages.

    Anybody know anything about all these identical nursery sites? Thanks

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    this may or not be related. some time ago, like a couple of years, one large nursery/seed/etc company went bankrupt and about a half-dozen supposedly independent similar merchants suddenly disappeared. I had to give the bad news (after doing the research) to one of my kids who had been getting bad service and extremely bad products from some of them near the end.

    I hope the bulk of the seed/plant/etc merchants who have appeared as new in the past year aren't the cookie-cutter clones coming back to haunt us again.

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    You may want to check out our program, we offer many tools, etc. to help you promote our products.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or requests.

    Shawn - Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
    Contact Info: aol im: sms10221975 | shawn"at" | icq: 106-663-985
    Join the Nature Hills affiliate program now | Earn 15% per sale | 365-day Cookie

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    Wind Toys Online has great Garden Ornaments
    Hello Raywood and welcome to ABW.

    If your making a gardening site, leave a little space for our garden spinners, flags and wind chimes.

    (Had to follow Shawn with a shameless plug!)
    Signup Now for our KiteandWind affiliate program exclusivly at Shareasale.
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    Cookie Cutter Nurseries
    it sure looks like a bunch of cookie cutter sites to me. Very little difference. Just things like colors, and the search box is moved around. The menus are almost identical too.

    I hoped you would make a comment. I'm planning on joining your program. I'll PM you.

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    Shawn is a good guy and has a REAL program - he's got my thumbs up as does Mr. Nubert
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    As a Nature Hills affiliate I can say unequivocally...
    That you won't find a better gardening merchant anywhere...
    Products are great, service is outstanding, and the AM
    is one of the best... just to give you an example...

    We discovered that the Q&A page on the site had the toll free number...
    But didnt have the affiliate tracking code... we stopped programming
    and voiced our concern regarding this in the Nature Hills ABW forum...

    Shawn immediately responded and explained that Q&A is a service
    that they contract for and is the only page not actually hosted on
    their site so that they couldnt post the tracking code...

    He further explained, that every other page on the site contained the code...
    and sure enough... we have never found another page on the Nature Hills
    site that does not have the tracking code listed with the toll free number...

    So it was really no big deal... but... just so there would never be an
    accidental call that an affiliate did not get credit for... Shawn decided to
    have the toll free number removed from the Q&A page...

    Used to be dead center, top and bottom of the page... if you check it
    now... Youll see that there is no toll free number on the Q&A page...

    Is that looking out for affiliates or what...?

    <Font size="1" color="99000">Never doubt anybody's word for anything... but... Always double check everything... - Grandpa</font>

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    Shawn's program
    Haiko, yep. I've been reading the NatureHills forum for a while. Nothing but good stuff there, and it's on my list. I'm so far behind schedule I don't know if I can get a site up before the end of the spring frenzy, but I'll try.

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    Plow and Hearth has gardening stuff - more outdoor entertainment type things but really nice site. Joey manages the site and is great to work with. Parasite free and converts well for me.


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